by Reda Achourtani, July 2, 2019

* Apps *

Typical Stages of App Development are: 

Research & Feasibility Report

Planning & Design & Audience Building

Prototype MVP and Testing

App Marketing

We shortcut the above by getting straight to the point.  Here are the various type of Apps offered at a special temporary price deal from £900 for 20 hours of development work.  Your app can be ready in that time.

1. Slide show App
2. Quiz App
3. Directory App
4. Geolocation listing App
5. Teaching or Training App
6. Comments and Opinions App
7. Questionnaire App
8. Website to App Conversion
9. Data Capture
10. Presentation app
11. Video or Podcast listing, watching and listening App
12. Database Set up or Conversion

Apps outside of the above types will be substantially more costly, and go through the typical App development stages mentioned at the top of this page. Ask for a quote.


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