Twitter’s rule change could be bad news for Trump

Twitter’s rule change could be bad news for Trump

by Reda Achourtani, July 2, 2019

First published 28 June 2019


Twitter has announced a change in its rules and it could be bad news for one of its biggest fans, Donald Trump.

The social media platform says it will label tweets from politicians and government officials who break its rules against bullying and abuse. It will apply to those with more than 100,000 followers.

Users will have to click through the warning to read the tweet.

Covered by the ban is threatening a person or group with violence, engaging in “targeted harassment of someone” or inciting others to do so, such as wishing for a person to be hurt.

Also prohibited is hate speech against a group based on categories such as race, ethnicity or gender and threatening or promoting terrorism.

The decision to label a tweet will be made by members of Twitter’s trust and safety, legal and public policy teams, as well as employees in the regions where the tweets originate.

Once a tweet has a notice placed on it, it will not appear in the site’s “safe search” mode, notifications tab, the explore section and other places tweets are promoted or highlighted.


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