Samsung accidentally leaks Galaxy Note 10

Samsung accidentally leaks Galaxy Note 10

by Reda Achourtani, July 2, 2019

Written by Anthony Cuthbertson

First published 1st July 2019


Samsung has accidentally confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10 is on its way.

An image of the device, alongside the name Galaxy Note 10, was revealed during an official presentation at the firm’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Photos of the presentation were forbidden, and the Samsung representative refused to confirm that the handset was the final Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung said it was a render of a “reference device”.

At the same media event, Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh also referenced the device by name, saying “and for our Note 10, it will be another phase for Bixby”.

It is the first time that Samsung has publicly name-checked its new phone.

Rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 10 suggest it will be unveiled at an Unpacked event in New York on 7 August.

It is expected to come in two different sizes, with at least one of them supporting 5G.

The rear camera setup will also likely be different to its Note 9 predecessor, with Samsung opting instead for three lenses aligned vertically instead of horizontally.

Images from the Samsung presentation gave an indication that the front camera will be centrally placed, rather than in the right-hand corner of the screen.


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